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Chris Deefholts, certified S.U.N. Teacher


The World of Angels

Angels are real.

Working with them opens a realm of possibilities that cannot be accessed in any other way. Angels can help you achieve your life purpose, feel more alive, open your heart, live your dreams and understand Life more fully than you ever imagined... the most important part of the workshops are the initiations you receive.

Different initiations do different things including permanently transforming your energy body so that the angels can do deeper work on you and giving you energetic tools from the angels that you can use in an ongoing way to work on yourself or others. Anyone can receive help from angels but you will get the most benefit if you either can tune in directly to the information or are sensitive to subtle energy.

“The initiations that you receive in S.U.N. workshops are among the most powerful available. Even people who themselves teach angel workshops have been astonished at how transformative our workshops are.” Irving Feurst


*       Working with your Guardian Angel for Guidance and Protection £35
Learning to work closely with your guardian angel is one of the most important and life-changing steps you can take. This workshop contains specific information useful to anyone, from those who are'nt convinced yet they have a guardian angel to those who are already expert at this kind of work and are ready to learn methods previously available only in certain mystery schools.

*       Working with the Angel for Unconditional Love and Freedom £35
Permanently transform the ability of our heart to give and receive love with personalised energy work and ancient mystery school initiations from this extraordinarily beautiful and powerful angel.

*       Working with the Angel of Creative Wisdom £35
This angel can help you manifest higher mind in a very practical, creative way. It can increase your ability to work with any other guides. Its ultimate goal is to enable you to embody Higher Mind as a natural, spontaneous overflowing of the Godhead.

*       Working with the Angel of Abundance £35

“Abundance” refers to all forms of abundance, not only to financial abundance. In this life –changing course, receive attunements designed by the angel to become more abundant, to increase your ability to communicate with and receive energy from this angel, and enable you to benefit more from an ongoing relationship with the angel.

*      Mantra Angels £40
You will be introduced to how mantra angels work and receive empowerments for three classical mantras: Om, Om Namah Shivaya, and Om Mani Padme Hum.

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