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*       An Interview with Chris Deefholts, Reiki Teacher
In depth interview with yoga trained Reiki teacher, discusses the nature of Reiki in relation to other energies, initiation practices, symbols and more!

*        Inner and Outer Peace: Creating our own Peace Culture
This talk was given at "A Peaceful World for our Children" Conference held at Gaunts House in November 2000. Inner and Outer Peace: creating our own personal Peace Culture, working with ourselves and our children in our family situations and our community. See also Peace Transmissions© class.

*       Clearing Our Karma
Discusses the nature of Karma and practical ways of clearing it. Written by Chris Deefholts. This article discusses the concept of Karma and how initiation and energy work can help to clear it quickly and effectively. Initiations for working with karmic issues go to triveni light© .

*       Clearing Rooms of Negativity
A discussion on the use of Reiki and other subtle methods for clearing rooms of negativity.

*       Exploring Symbols
An experiential journey for exploring symbols through the art of meditation.

*       The Five Elements: A Thought Provoking Introduction.
By Swami Nityamuktananda (formerly Dr Christa-Maria Herrmann) acclaimed writer of several books including Seeing Yoga (just published) A Commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Five Elements (new revised edition soon to be published) and an erudite commentary on The Guru Gita. For a list of her publications and lectures please contact

*      Poetry


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