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Chris Deefholts, certified S.U.N. Teacher



Drisana is an energy system of such power and sophistication that it surprises even the most professional energy workers.

Yet it's versatility and ease of use make it perfect for even the complete beginner to energy work. Like all S.U.N. classes, Drisana is an initiation workshop in which you receive powerful energies which you can then access at any time for yourself or others by mentally directing the flow (no visualisation, complex symbols, mantras etc. People using Drisana frequently report dramatic shifts at all levels of their being - physical, emotional, mental, and particularly spiritual.

The Drisana system is a sequence of progressively transformative courses so carefully designed that you can stop at any time and have a complete experience. The first level alone contains enough tools to keep you evolving for the rest of your life. Each level of Drisana contains an unusually large number of empowerments, many of which have no parallel in any other system.

*       Drisana is the only energy system in the world that works by directly accessing the star tetrahedron shaped energy fields surrounding our six incarnational centres (also known as the six permanent atoms). Our physical body, chakras, aura etc. are but manifestations of these fields.

*       Drisana is one of only a few energy systems in the world which work with all seven planes of reality - the physical, emotional, mental, Buddhic, atmic, monadic and cosmic.

*       If you have been initiated into any other energy system, you will be able to use this empowerment to run that energy more strongly than you ever have before. Thereís not enough space to list all 30 empowerments in the first level of Drisana, but you can contact Chris Deefholts for the complete list.


COST: The first level costs £230.

To book a class and for more information and list of attunements, contact info@radiantbeing.co.uk

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