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Chris Deefholts, certified S.U.N. Teacher


Essene Dove

For the universe to exist as a unified whole, there must be an energy that ties together all of its many arts. The Dove is the energy that interconnects all levels of reality. Through meditation the Essenes tuned into this energy and learnt how to direct it. In the way that a dove can hover over its nest and yet return to it at any time, the Dove energy can empower your consciousness to easily travel to any level of reality and then return to everyday life. Because the Dove interconnects all levels of reality, it can be used to unify your human and divine natures.

There are many forms of Dove energy in the Western Mystery School tradition; the Essene Dove is the most pure and potent form of this beautiful and life-transforming energy. The Essene Dove activates your full potential as a divine being, a being created in the image of God.

Some say it was the secret empowering a number of the biblical prophets. Some find the Dove dramatically increases their clairvoyant ability. Those with merkaba initiations may experience them more powerfully.

How Can the Dove Help You?

The Essene Dove can bring you many different gifts. It works in conjunction with your own higher self to determine which it will bring you. Here are some commonly experienced benefits:

*       The Essene Dove can help you experience God as a living presence, radiating love from every point of the universe.

*       The Dove empowers your consciousness to easily travel to many realms including the higher spiritual planes and other dimensions.

*       The Dove creates a new subtle body (called by the Essenes "the ark of light"), when you are meditating, this subtle body can travel to "celestial academies" where you can receive profound energy initiations. This kind of travel is both safer and more transformative than astral travel.

*       The energy of the Dove helps you develop many desirable qualities and particularly fosters deep serenity, courage and joy.

*       The Dove helps you understand the inner working of the universe and your role in it. It enables you to experience your soul purpose as a living reality and to know the exact details of how to implement it.

*       The Dove brings lightening like flashes of energy into the chakras, dramatically accelerating their evolution. Clairaudients can hear a hum in the chakras much like that of a powerful engine.

*       The Dove strengthens your connection to your Higher Mind. This gives you a higher form of knowing that proceeds directly from your divine identity, and from being inextricably intertwined with all that is. You can experience a divine infusion of knowledge, much like a chalice being filled with liquid. You may experience an electrical tingling in your brow chakra, feeling as if knowledge were flowing into you like electricity flowing through a wire.

How Do You Access Dove Energy?

The Essene Dove is accessed through an easy, enjoyable meditation. Meditating for just 20 minutes brings in enough Dove energy to last all day and evening. The meditation usually leaves you feeling very satisfied. You may have the feeling of being profoundly nurtured, that evrything is in divine order and that God is looking after you. Ideally you should do three or more meditation sessions per week, however the energy is so effective that significant results can be obtained with even one session per week.

Who Should Take This Course?

The beauty, versatility and effectiveness of the Essen Dove energy make it useful for anyone on path of personal or spiritual growth. Whether you wish to experience loving union with God, activate latent abilities, understand yourself and the Universe, or just enjoy travelling to new realms, this course has something to offer you.
Irving Feurst, Founder and Director, S.U.N. Network

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