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The Golden Wheel of Light Workshops

Level 1

This course is an exciting experiential attunement journey through the first ten of twenty shifts developed by the ancient Mayans. Working with the Mayan medicine wheel is a cosmic voyage that helps to restore our connection to ourselves as multi-dimensional beings.

The Mayans had a very inclusive vision of the world and for them everything was invested with great meaning for example- each day of their year carried a subtly different quality of experience for them. We can use their understanding to begin to deepen our connection with the universe and to develop our understanding of ourselves.

Each step on the Wheel has much to teach us, each step helps to clear our vision and deal with our clutter, each step is a potential doorway to a different spiritual experiential state.

To support your journey, you will receive attunements to activate five of the ten shamanic eyes and three of the shamanic ears. You will also receive an initiation into each step in turn, and you will also receive a powerful energy blessing from the guiding Quetzalcoatl (Teacher) of this course, Pacal Votan.

Level 2

The second of two workshops designed to journey through consciousness with the guiding blessing of the great Quetzalcoatl, Pacal Votan.

This workshop guides you through the next ten steps within the wheel of light, and completes the activation of the shamanic power centers: activation of the remaining five eyes and two ears.

In addition, you will receive a personal, internal "Medicine Bundle" as a protective and developmental gift from the lineage of teachers supporting the course.

The course concludes with a magnificent Stellar Initiation to celebrate the central mystery of the Cosmos.

A reference manual is provided with each Radiantbeing Workshop which includes a brief description and activation process for all of the initiations given.

Cost: Each Class is 130 (plus package and postage for distance students.)

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