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Chris Deefholts, certified S.U.N. Teacher



Known as Huna (meaning "secret"), the Hawaiian spiritual tradition places equal emphasis on connecting with your spirituality and connecting with the earth, your body, and your emotions. Rather than teaching transcendence of the physical plane, huna teaches us to celebrate life, to merge matter with spirit.

Huna believes that the key to living a fulfilled life lies in the awakening and integration of your subconscious self, conscious self and higher self. It offers us a profoundly beautiful philosophy of life centred in love and the vision of humankind, nature, and the divine as harmonious parts of a cosmic community. But Huna is not just a philosophy; more than anything else, Huna is something you do. It gives us a set of practices that are simple yet, when used regularly, profoundly transformational.

Huna Classes

Huna is an initiation workshop in which you receive powerful energies that you can then access at any time for yourself or others by mentally directing the flow (no visualisation, mantras etc.) The workshop leader is trained in the Malaka tradition of Huna. The teacher transmits directly to the student, through permanent empowerments of the studentís energy field, abilities which would otherwise take decades to develop.

The Huna system is a sequence of seven progressively transformative course levels. However, the sequence is so carefully designed that you can stop at any time and have a complete experience. The first level alone contains enough tools to keep you evolving for the rest of your life. Some of the 15 empowerments you will acquire in the first level :

*       Connecting with the earth in a new and deeper way.

*       "Melekiana" empowerment, which permanently deepens and strengthens your energy flow from just one exposure.

*       "Kala" empowerment for dissolving emotional conflict at the subconscious level. You may have heard that this ancient technique had been lost, however it has been preserved in the Malaka tradition.

*       Sending a powerful energy to yourself and others.

*       A significant increase in what Huna believes are the three key qualities of the heart: the ability to give and receive love, courage and openess to life; clearing negative thought forms the Huna way; linking with the heart chakra of the sun.

*       The ancient and powerful Cross of Fire Initiation. This works with a whole system of energy centres and channels that most people aren't even aware they have! It profoundly deepens work with the chakra and meridian systems as well as accessing transformational potential not available if we work only with the chakras and meridians.

Level 1: £65

There are over 30 S.U.N. Workshops available!

To book a class and for more information contact info@radiantbeing.co.uk

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