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Clearing Our Karma

There are three main types of Karma: karma already created which you are manifesting now; karma which you have created which will manifest in the future; and karma which you are creating now which will manifest in the future (this is the karma which you can exercise some control over, by watching your actions and detaching from the fruits of them.)

Karma is the arising consequence of any thought we have or action we make as an embodied soul. Until we become aware of our habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, we continue to repeat situations which entrap us further into consciousness, into the limited experience of a suffering individual, divorced from the expansive ecstasy which is our uncluttered, natural state.

Freedom from karma arises as we learn not to concern ourselves with the fruit of or actions. Being free of the cycle of birth and death means that we are no longer affected by events and thoughts as they arise, we remain in a supremely free state, unaffected by appearances, the daily activities of the world, the activities of of our minds and those of our emotions.

When we come into incarnation, all the information about our outer and inner make-up ie the clothing of Consciousness as our individuality, held in subtle atoms, is transferred into our current subtle bodies.

By the time we are born, all our past actions are lying dormant in seed form in the subtle channel which lies within the central channel or Sushumna nadi (roughly equates with the physical spine, and along which are strung the vortexes of energy referred to as chakras.) These seed forms are called samskaras, and arise from our subconscious mind through the stimulation of outer activity. See the diagram above which shows how these samskaras, if unchecked, give rise to ever more karma.

As these impulses arise we draw to ourselves the people and conditions which mirror the inner limitation. If we can recognise the root cause of our limitation and see the play of it, learning to respond rather than instinctively reacting to situations and emotions, then we begin to free ourselves from the glamour (illusions) of our personality. It's not that we get rid of the personality rather we purify it, so that it becomes the tool through which we act in the world.

We begin to realise that we never were what we identified with so strongly ie our cherished opinions and preferences. We begin to experience a deeper, far richer inner stillness which arises spontaneously as our primal joyful state. At first we have glimpses as the clutter veils our self recognition. But steady recognition of our distortions through the support of self observation and regular meditation help to shift our awareness until the experience becomes constant. It takes time to do this inner work, although individual insights can act as catalysts for great shifts.

Reiki can help particularly by sending healing energy to the root of any presenting situation. And keeping a spiritual journal of our process can also be invaluable for recognising repeated patterns as well as recording insights and experiences. Apart from Reiki, initiation classes from several other traditions are available. In the Triveni Light Classes, two powerful attunements relating to karma are given. The first is "Alleviation of Karma", which can alleviate a measure of the second type of karma mentioned, although how much, varies from one individual to another.

The second attunement given arose in response to the in-depth work of several years with individual clients: it is the "Karmic Processing Shakti" and can be activated by intent.

Phase (1) Works on inherited family patterns and ancestral clutter on physical e.g. miasms and subtle levels, to deepen awareness of and accelerate karmic clearing and release.

Phase (2) Works on personal karma, helps us to recognize, clear and take responsibility for our past and present actions, and therefore has the potential to impact significantly on our future.

Phase (3) Brings forward ancestral and personal gifts from our past for beneficial use in the present.

I used to work solely with Reiki in some of the above ways for myself and others, but now work with these attunements as well, I find them more specific and effective.

In private work, most of my individual clients are in some form of transition. We often work intensively for half a day, and occasionally, if used to counselling / healing and inner work processes, for a day session, with a short follow-up session a couple of weeks later.

Key areas considered are personal and emotional history, birth and conception, key traumas, family illness tendencies, family behavioural patterns, attitudes to each other etc. Emotional and karmic signatures start to emerge. The current life traumas are energetic doorways to past patterns and tendencies. Sometimes clear past life triggers emerge, but I don't focus on them too much other than to clear them, as they are often a distraction to the root cause which is the key to the whole destructive patterning. The root cause is what the soul needs to recognise and learn from. If only the symptoms are removed, (the physical / emotional /mental "cure") we often simply relieve the situation, though sometimes that is an important emergency consideration.

We also brainstorm empowering ways to support change. The soul already knows what it needs for this, it just needs a spiritual midwife to help bring the knowledge forward to the surface. In this way, the empowerment of the individual is usually long lasting, effecting profound spiritual and personal growth.

*       If you feel you would benefit from in depth energy work and would like to arrange a session, please contact me at info@radiantbeing.co.uk

*       Initiations for working with karmic issues go to Triveni Light

1999 Chris Deefholts


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