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Visit this wonderful site for great articles from this top Vedanta Acharya

Swami Nityamuktananda

Another excellent website to learn more about yoga and meditation in everyday life

Dedicated to offering the best spiritual teachings from around the world: CDs, MP3s and BOOKS.

In particular, the popular CDs of Swami Anubhavananda's excellent teachings on Vedanta and wellbeing, and deep meditation sessions (always quickly snapped up on yoga teacher training courses and retreats!). Also new and secondhand books on spiritual and personal

development and healing. Visit our website on eBay:

Taggart King's informative web site with much relevant up to date information about Japanese reiki and techniques. Thoroughly recommended.Taggart King's 'Reiki Evolution' site in the UK offers courses in 'Original Usui Reiki' (teachings coming from Usui's surviving students) and a 'FiveElement Healing' home study course. Read various articles about Reiki and receive a free distant 'Reiju' empowerment every Monday.
Also check out 'Five Element Healing' Multimedia Home Study Course:


is an international, non-denominational spiritually oriented network of teachers dedicated to making available to the public esoteric energy work from all major spiritual traditions. Our goal is to assist people in progressing more effectively on their personal spiritual path, at their own pace, without prescribing what that path must be. All S.U.N. Teachers have had a minimum of a year intensive private and in-class training with Irving Feurst, the founder of S.U.N. Network, California, USA.

See also S.U.N. WORKSHOPS taught by certified S.U.N. teacher Chris Deefholts, based in Wales.


1) Interested in UFOs and The Unexplained? 2) Forthcoming UK Events. New Dates 3) An EXPERTS Panel to answer your questions. 4) This Months Astrology  5) Video, Book and CD Review. Dr. Steven Greer's new book & Sir Laurence Gardner's. 6) Retreats 7) Complementary Therapists 8) NEW a monthly co-ordinate "target" for Remote Viewers on my R.V. page


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