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Meeting in the inner realms


Written by Chris Deefholts


Once awakening takes place (through whatever tradition) spontaneous connection to other realms and beings is a natural possibility for everyone, as is initiation. It is all part of the process of developing and sustaining the deepest perception of relationship with the Divine within and without.


For many stepping specifically onto the Reiki path it is not the first time learning and growing within a spiritual tradition - I suspect a great many of us have experienced at least one Buddhist incarnation if not a lot more : )))) So as we go deeper in our understanding we also re-connect to those previous connections if they are still relevant for our current growth, bringing forward the fruits and building on previously laid foundations. And of course, building on those foundations and encompassing the experience of other levels of reality which might be new to us.


My journey started with a significant kundalini awakening years before I came across Reiki and through that I began training within a specific tradition for many years. At different times on the path I have had the great good fortune to “meet” many self-realised beings through the dream state and through meditation states. At times initiation was given and at other times, healing or specific teachings relevant to the challenge I was facing at the time. One time a huge body of energy teaching was given over a period of several weeks.

At the same time although these beings appeared to be outside myself, at the same time, they are a reflection of aspects that I had not imbibed or fully recognised within myself. You could say that they are all an aspect of mind.


After my Reiki Master/Teacher attunements, I had asked to be put in touch with the root of these Reiki energies –a fully realised living wisdom holder. I was heard.

The first time I started to facilitate the attunements, four Tibetan Lamas appeared in subtle form to assist me, three of them sitting on a dais, and the fourth actually assisting the ritual. The students also saw these lamas and described them in detail. What is interesting about this is, that up until that point I had not had any association in this lifetime with any Buddhist tradition and neither had anyone in the group I was teaching!


Later in the year I met someone who gave me initiation into Lama Gangchen, the Tibetan Healing Lama’s NgalSo Self Healing and afterwards I shared this experience of Reiki with her. She went to her bookshelf and much to my amazement, pulled down a book, showed me a photograph and said – did those lamas look like this? Oh my goodness. I had assumed that they must be ancient. (Well, yes!) But they had all recently passed away (and have since taken on new incarnations). All famous teachers and the root teachers of the tradition I’d just received initiation into.


It is a great anecdote and at the time it taught me a lot. However, I don’t think this is exceptional, rather, normal. It is better for our own development not to get caught up in the glamour of such experiences or to give them too much importance. Each lifetime we hopefully pick up where we left off, and renew and expand our understanding and service. For different people it is in different ways, so for some it is through channelling guides, for others, working directly with energy fields. It is our consciousness which gives the various labels and forms.


We work within group energies and are assistants to each other in the process of attunement and spiritual development. That is not necessarily conscious on our part in the beginning. The great teachers become the taught and so the cycle evolves. In body or out of body is only a matter of perception – and in the end this too is all a play of consciousness.

When we realise this, how simple life is, and how beautiful. 


With love and respect, Chris Deefholts              Back

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