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Chris Deefholts, certified S.U.N. Teacher


Miraculous Vessels

Comes from ancient knowledge which preceded Taoism. There are three primary goals of this initiatory system: (1) Profound harmonisation of body, mind and spirit; (2) compassion for all sentient being; (3) oneness and "reciprocity" with nature. Reciprocity refers to fully developing one's ability to draw on the energies of nature for personal and spiritual evolution as well as fully developing one's abilities to send beneficial energies to nature.

Here are some of the initiations in the first level:

Using the Miraculous vessels to significantly increase the amount of energy that your subtle bodies can hold.

Magnifying the power of your tantien centres through aligning them with the corresponding centres in planet earth.

A meditation shakti which is released by focusing on the lower tantien and which is unusually effective in integrating the etheric, emotional and mental bodies.

The "Elixir of the Gods" initiation for an inner elixir which tonifies the etheric body and in many people fosters a "golden glow" and sense of well being.

The "Rainbow Mind" Initiation, which leads to profound serenity, crystal clarity of mind, and dramatically increased control of personal ki.

The "Temple of the Sun" initiation, which greatly magnifies the spiritual powers of all the glands.

This course should be considered by anyone with an interest in personal or spiritual development, not just by those interested in Taoism. These channels can particularly facilitate Kabbalistic energy work and ancient Egyptian energy work.

Level 1: 70 Level 2: 100 Level 3 135

There are over 30 S.U.N. Workshops available!

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