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Peace Transmissions Workshop

This Initiation Workshop made its debut at the 'Spirit of Peace' Conference held in Oxford on 16th Sept 2000 and inspired all those who took part on that day. It is filled with countless blessings for those would dive in and partake of the living energies that form the transmissions given within the class.

Although the energies have the support of ancient lineages of authentic Tibetan teachers, they are presented in a simple modern form suitable for anyone to activate. They can help support your spiritual practice and provide a simple tool for bringing peace steadily into your life in a practical way without imposing religious dogma or ritual. This method is therefore eminently accessible to people of all ages and walks of life.

It is my profound wish that these initiations benefit you, your family and friends and your environment so that everyone may experience happiness and peace.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.


Some of the attunements you will receive:

       Five Elements Attunement
A shakti for working with the five elements on a personal level, which you can use for yourself and others; a shakti for clearing and balancing the five elements within the immediate environment.

      Attunement to Gaia
This attunement heightens our awareness of Gaia as a living presence and to the gifts and lessons this embodied spiritual teacher brings.

      Attunement to the Quality of Peace
A Peace Shakti for oneself or others, and for use for the environment.

       The Peace Mantra: Om Bhishwa Shanti Hum
This empowered Tibetan Buddhist Peace Mantra may be used for meditation and for japa practice (verbal/mental repetition during daily activities). Mantra and japa practice are a traditional way of working to quieten the mind so that the natural, peaceful state of the mind shines forth in our lives instead of the usual cluttered chatter.


Cost: 45 (plus package and postage if overseas distance student).


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