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The Radiant Heart Workshops

For thousands of years, generations of spiritually aware people have been mapping consciousness in the light of the wisdom revealed to them through meditation and inner awareness.

Some of these systems were kept secret, many of them were lost, and some were withdrawn because humanity did not use them wisely. Some are now being introduced for modern times in a safe, easy to use format, to address the needs of those who are stepping onto their spiritual paths, and also those who are renewing old links.

These series of workshops are designed to support any spiritual path or healing process. They are especially suitable for busy people! Healers and therapists have found these attunements combine well with their own palette of skills and are designed to work smoothly alongside other energies such as Reiki, which you may already have received.

*      Triveni Light Initiation Programme

*      Golden Wheel of Light - Path of the Maya

*      Peace Transmissions Transforming our Inner and Outer Worlds

also coming soon . . .

*      The Radiant Tarot The Path of Transformation (Transmission Course)

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