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Reiki The Reiju Distant Transmission

Reiju is the Japanese Reiki transmission (how Reiki was traditionally given by Dr Usui and how it is still given today in Japan). Although the MEANS of transmission differs a little – eg we are giving Reiju at a distance – the essence and the energy is the same. Traditonally the Reiju attunement would be offered to students at their weekly group gathering.

Anyone who has received the Reiju Attunement, and is unable to attend a regular weekly group, is invited to tune into the Reiju Distance Transmission which takes place each Monday evening and receive this as a regular boost.

To receive the maximum benefit, begin your Hatsurei Ho practice a little beforehand, say 10 -15 mins or so, so that you are in the receptive Seishin Toitsu (concentration) stage. Reiju transmission will be given YOUR local time, between 9.00pm and 9.15pm.

If you need it, have a clock nearby with a gentle alarm (or muffle your alarm under a blanket!) to cue you when the transmission is complete. Then continue through to Mokunen to completion as you would normally do.

If you have not received the Reiju empowerment and other Japanese teachings yet, I encourage you to seek out a teacher near you, and experience it firsthand, go to classes if you can, join in the Transmission if you can't - or do both - and in any case, enjoy!

The Reiju Attunement
This is the Japanese form of Reiki empowerment, passed on to the Western community by the Japanese Master Hiroshi Doi and others, and which, when received regularly, has a cumulative effect on the student's practice and spiritual process. It is usually passed on during Hatsurei Ho, the Japanese Reiki method of circulation of energy/meditation. To gain the most benefit, the initial attunement needs to be received from an attuned Reiki teacher. Go to reiki workshops.

I'd like to emphasise that the ideal is to receive Reiju at a "live" session within a group setting wherever possible and that this is an alternative for those who cannot.


Please leave your name and address for details of current workshops and venues. If you have a group of friends and colleagues who would like to take a workshop I am happy to travel.

As well as reiki workshops, a variety of other initiation workshops are taught - Huna, Tibetan, Angelic, Egyptian and Stellar energies, go to the radiant heart© and the s.u.n.network sections for more information!

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