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Reiki for Radiant Being in Shropshire, UK

I work as an independent teacher who has been teaching spirituality for around 25 years and Reiki for over 12 years.


These days I offer a one-to-one apprenticeship style teaching which is on-going for as long as required, and which covers both Western style and Japanese techniques. This takes place in person and / or at a distance to provide the right kind of practical support and training for you personally and includes Levels 1, 2 and Master/Teacher Level, with weekly distance Reiju transmissions that you can receive in your home. This is much more like the step-by-step way that Usui -Sensei traditionally taught, adapted to our modern times. Tuition includes comprehensive manuals and classes are moderately priced. For my approach, read the biography, interview and also the Living Reiki Wisdom(c) articles section


After we have practiced Reiki for a while, different experiences arise and although you can find a lot about Reiki techniques and Reiki history elsewhere on the web, it is not the same as in depth sharing and evolvement of your understanding, which is rarely discussed.

For that reason, as well as teaching classes, I also work as a Reiki mentor (life coach) for those who are attuned and simply want to move deeper into their practice. Many healers step onto their spiritual path through Reiki. I am always happy to hear from you!

For more information and to book email me at: info@radiantbeing.co.uk

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