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Exploring Symbols

You can explore any symbol in this way. Why not begin with the traditional symbols if you have been given them. If you have not yet received the second degree, the exercise is still very powerful and can tell you much. You could put this on an audio tape.

Have a pen and paper handy.

1. Sit in a quiet place where you won't be distracted and close your eyes, making your base firm, rooting yourself to the ground. Lengthen the back and relax, watching the breath to quieten your mind, allowing yourself to focus inside.

Then ask for the help and protection of the enlightened Reiki Masters and your own teachers/guides. You can align yourself with the Medicine Buddha if that feels comfortable for you.

Ask for permission to work with the symbol you are investigating and to learn it's uses. Allow the mind to quieten down - let it be soothed by simply watching the movement of the breath for a few minutes.

Then open your eyes and take in the symbol you are exploring.

How does it speak to you? How do you feel? What do you see? What does it tell you? What associations come to mind?

Write it down.

2. Close your eyes again and go inside, putting aside any agendas. Bring your attention back to the breath and allow the mind to quieten down...

Now draw your chosen symbol on your inner screen. Explore it for a few moments. How does it feel energetically?

Open your eyes and write down your impressions.

3. Go inside once more and this time, simply BE with the symbol for a few minutes.

Finally, ask if there are any contra-indications for the symbol's use, or specific things you should know about it. Then give thanks and bring yourself fully back to the room.

Write down any other information you may have received.

Enjoy your journey!

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