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Teacher Member of The Reiki Federation

Chris Deefholts

... has been teaching yoga, meditation and spiritual development to adults and children since the early 1980s. Following a profound mystical awakening by the Cosmic Christ, she prayed to be put in touch with a living Master. Her wish was granted and over the ensuing years, was guided to study widely under several living spiritual Masters in several different traditions including a Mahakundalini Yoga path, Advaita Vedanta, Meditation and Spiritual Healing transmission.

Her professional background covers many modalities including Crystal and Gem Therapy, Flower Remedies, Reiki, Tibetan Energy Healing (Drisana) and other major Light Body Teachings including the Radiant Heart Workshops©.

In 1998, Chris was certified as an official teacher with S.U.N.  the Spiritual Unfoldment Network®, a non-denominational, spiritually-oriented network dedicated to making available energy work from all major traditions. In the same year, she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc. (USA).

In the Millennium Year she celebrated by offering the Peace Transmissions Workshop at the “Oxford Spirit of Peace Conference”, and attended as the finale speaker at the “Creating a Peaceful World for Our Children Conference” at Gaunts House.

For several years, she was guided to offer advanced healing transmissions through the Radiant Heart© Workshops,  spiritual initiation programmes for personal and spiritual development / inner peace work / peace in the environment, received whilst on private retreat in San Francisco and subsequently blessed by TYS Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche and his Tibetan lineages. Since then she has been ordained into Holy Orders and currently serves as presiding Bishop for the Mission Episcopate of The Holy Spirit,, an Eucharistic jurisdiction in the Liberal Catholic tradition which has a directive to educate seekers about the Holy Spirit; it also has a special emphasis on Interspiritual work.

Chris owes everything to the Grace, kindness and wisdom of all her Teachers and friends who have enabled her to develop her spiritual path, in particular the Gurus of various Siddha lineages both past and present, Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche, the Tibetan Healing Lama, the hidden Sufi Teachers, and Swami Anubhavananda, Vedanta Acharya and above all, her overseeing teacher, The Christ. She now serves the community by offering spiritual education, mentoring and the practice of karma yoga (seva)..



“What is the deepest wish in our hearts? Within all our lives?


The freedom of love, light and peace within ourselves. The freedom to BE HAPPY!

The energies you receive work on all levels of being to support you on your path.

They can help you through stress, major life changes and blocks on your path - so that you can find your balance again – and ultimately, the secret freedom of blissful being.

My focus is to help you to unfold this freedom within through energy work, spiritual development and Self-awareness.

To reconnect you with your INNER JOY which is the experience of the Divine within.”



Professional Journey

BA Hons Modern Iberian and Latin American Studies(1974); B. Divinity (1998); Friends of Yoga Teaching Dip. (1984); AEB/CSCT Cert. Counselling Skills(1993);

AEB/CSCT Cert. Counselling Theory (1993); MICGT Cert. Anatomy & Physiology (1993);

MICGT (Crystal Therapy) (1994); Reiki Master Teacher Certs. (1994); (2000); (2007).

S.U.N. (Spiritual Unfoldment Network) Teaching Dip. (1998); Mandragora Dip (Flower Remedies) (1998);

B.Div. Metaphysical Counselling & Healing (1998) Honorary Degree;

Cert. Advanced Japanese Reiki Techniques (2000); National Cert FE Life Coaching Skills (2004).

Master/Teacher Member of The Reiki Federation, UK

Member of the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists, which is affiliated to the Association of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO), ( part of the British Complementary Medical Association, British Complementary Healers, and affiliated to the Institute for Complementary Medicine).

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