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The Triveni Light Initiation Programme

Is the exciting modern presentation of a centuries old light body system and philosophy which has only recently emerged again. It has great relevance for our present time, for it's all embracing and inclusive perspective, as well as it's practical application in our daily lives.

Triveni Light stretches back to the dawn of spiritually conscious humanity, an energetic thread that derives from the very first mystical traditions with roots in Lemuria and Atlantis, through to the more recent, but still ancient mystery schools which we have knowledge of today. The energy signatures are seeded within us and just need awakening.

Triveni Light specifically blends the energies of three major traditions, linking the Mayan, Tibetan and Shaivite energies again for the first time in modern times, to provide a unique and very balanced light body system presented in a modern format for the twenty first century. Triveni Light is presented in three linked initiation workshops and a further one year apprenticeship programme which provide practical energetic tools for life and a natural accompaniment to your spiritual practice.

In each module you are permanently attuned to powerful energies which provide a framework - a map of consciousness - which you can use to support your spiritual growth. In the first level the outer manifested world is explored, the second level works with the map of the mind at gross and subtle levels, and the third level develops the understanding and experience of the inner realms of consciousness.

In 1999 this course received the personal blessing of Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche, Tibetan Healing Lama.

In addition to the main empowerment of the Triveni Light energy, you will receive many other useful attunements such as:

*               The Matrika Shakti (the world of vibration and source of all subtle organising energy fields) for localised clearing and expansion of all the subtle bodies. Aids our understanding of our relationship to the universe and the inner realms of consciousness experienced in meditation, as the world unfold through vibration to form.


*               The Five Element Attunement, and a shakti for clearing and balancing both on an inner level and within the environment, which you can use for yourself and others.
For an introduction to
the five elements see article by Swami Nityamuktananda.


*               The Karmic Processing Attunement: to deepen awareness of and accelerate karmic clearing of both (1) the ancestral and family patterns, miasms etc. and (2) personal karmic inheritance. This helps us to take responsibility for our past and present actions and therefore has the potential to impact on our future. For a deeper understanding of karma read article: clearing our karma.

Course Details

Modules 1 - 3: Cost is 130 per class
Core Attunements & Specialised Attunements. Please email for full list.

Teacher Training (One Year Apprenticeship)

Building on the groundwork of the first three modules, there is a further one year training which includes further core, personal and specialised attunements - please email for further details.

For this training the student is expected to commit to a regular meditation practice, submit book reviews and etc. as well as practice their daily energy attunement programme. The Crystal Ascension through the Chakras, and Peace Transmission Modules are also a requirement.

Contact: info@radiantbeing.co.uk for details.

Please note that for distance students, package and postage costs will be added for any material sent.

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